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BrainTrust Canada

Prevention Campaigns

BrainTrust Canada’s “Protect Your Head” social marketing program is a highly respected program that garnered 7 international awards including the International Safety Media Awards.

The objective was to change decision making behavior and prevent injury before it happens.

The campaign included a multi-media approach, including television, print, non-traditional, guerrilla marketing, event marketing and internet -

The Protect Your Head campaign is targeted to the highest risk age group for traumatic brain injury: males 16 – 30. The attributes of this demographic include the following:

  • Invincibility – do not think injury could happen to them and often do not feel at risk
  • Engage in high risk behavior related to social circumstance such as peer pressure
  • Listen best to direct, hard-hitting messages and inherently know the right thing to do

For more information related to BrainTrust Canada social marketing please contact:

Magda Kapp at (250) 762-3233

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